Jewelry Photography

Marlon Photography offers professional jewelry photography services. We specialize in capturing all types of jewelry, from costume jewelry to precious metals and stones. We also focus on shooting highly complex jewelry, from white silver to metallic reflected surfaces. Whether you need professional watch photography or diamond photography services, Marlon Photography can provide you with quality jewelry photography at an affordable price.

At Marlon Photography, we offer a full-service approach to product and jewelry photography. Using the latest digital cameras and lighting equipment on the market, we create clear photographs that highlight a product’s complex details and reflections. In addition to capturing the exact colors of the items at the highest resolution possible, we present the final, retouched image in front of a pure white background -- ready for print or online. We also offer custom layering, which means we can prepare your image for any design or layout.

To learn more about our professional jewelry photography services, our prices, or to book an appointment with a professional jewelry photographer, please contact Marlon Photography.