Our Experience as Product Photographers

We are professional photographers in South Florida with over 17 years of individual experience. We've worked with publishing companies and ad agencies. Our portfolio includes jewelry photography, clothing, shoes, handbags, telephones, touch tablets, skincare products and many more. We were recognized as one of the top 1 percent in our category in the United States in 2012. Photography is not a hobby or a second career. Being a product photographer is a passion which gives us a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when clients praise the results at the end of every project. Our goal is to provide the same quality and unbiased service to all clients.


Whether we’re shooting electronic product photography or jewelry photography, all projects are approached professionally. Plans are created to correctly complete every project. Most projects are straight forward but an ad agency approach is adopted and executed when it's necessary to pair a product with a theme or company style.


Timing is one of our top priorites when it comes to completing any project. We try to complete any work within an agreed timeframe. Every project has its own level of difficulty and when more time is needed all clients are updated every step of the way until completion.

High standards

Consistency is the key to our success. All product photography projects are treated with exceptionally high levels of care. We are determined to provide the same level of service and quality whether we work with small or large companies.

Quality Control

Images are double checked for imperfections and corrected before every client receives them. Client corrections are promptly completed and delivered within hours after editing.

Why Choose Us ?

Don't use our services because we ask you to. Send us your project samples for testing. We'll test the first 2 pieces until the quality is approved at no cost to you.

  • We provide exceptional quality for all clients.
  • Affordability is part of the key to your success as well as ours.
  • No project is too small or too large. Quantities from 5 pieces.
  • Small projects can be completed in 48 hours.
  • Most retouching included with every project.
  • Custom background removal and layering starting at $4 per image.
  • Final images are provided via direct downloads once completed.